Global Lotteries: More Problems With Bogus Lotteries

A new type of lottery fraud has been reported in Ostine, Ohio, reported by a local newspaper.

Initially, the victim cannot see the scam at all and believes that he received an unexpected blow. A woman from Austintown opened her mail to open a 1985 check from an organization called the Global Lotto Commission.

There was a letter with a check and informed the lady that she won a lot of $ 125,000 in a lottery jackpot. To continue this process, he had to call a particular number and talk to the designated person in the organization. Fortunately, the lady who received the letter was smart enough not to call the specified number, but gave it to the authorities.

The Global Lotto Commission is a widely used cover for many scammers and, of course, does not exist.

Some recipients of the letter and money would cash the check, thinking that nothing can go wrong. Of course, this is not true; If someone dials a number, they will be instructed to resend part of the money with the help of the money transfer company to cover the “administrative fees”. The bank will find that the check is invalid and the victim will send his money to the thieves.

Camelot, the administrators of the British National Lottery and other legitimate lottery organizations, know how often frauds occur, so they are trying to publicize that no one should give money or information to fraudsters and understand what the false messages look like. , Scammers want your personal information or your money.

On their website, the British National Lottery administrators provide useful information for everyone and apply to any of the ico global lottery. There are certain recommendations that are becoming known now, but you should always communicate.

None of the legitimate lottery organizations will contact the player who won the prize in the lottery. Each winner must contact them to show their winning ticket and receive their prize.

To participate in any legal lottery, all players must purchase a ticket or join a trade union.

This is no exception: you will know in advance that you are in the lottery, as you will be fired money. Of course, now you can play the lottery online, but even then you need to buy tickets before a draw is made.

The administrators of the British National Lottery and other legitimate lotteries will never tell you how much you earned via e-mail, and do not ask for money or your employees; Details They have no reason for this.

Now fraud is becoming more complex. Some emails include a link embedded in them, and this will lead you to what appears to be the official lottery site. You will be prompted to enter your personal information or even download software. Any information you enter will be used to access your accounts or even to make purchases on your behalf. Such links should always be ignored.

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