Keeping track of the non-performing numbers

The lottery games attract a lot of people at the present time. In the UK, it is said that about 70% of the population play the lottery games. Some say that the popularity of the game is the manifestation of the uncertainty of our economic environment. People are not having any security of jobs, the cost of living is increasing exponentially and the youths are not getting employment opportunities forcing them to hover from one country to the other seeking some job opportunity. All such environments are responsible to push the people more and more towards the wall when they think that let us make some try of our luck. The others say that the people are more fun loving and so they are getting attracted to the เวปหวยหุ้น which is a sign of freedom of the people. Whatever may be the real picture but the fact is that the Lottery results are creating sensations among the people all over the world.

Applying brain

The very name lottery has been derived from the Italian word lotto which means luck or destination. So the general perception of the lotto games is that the players should depend on their luck and nothing can influence the results of the games of gambling. But some serious players do not believe this concept and try to apply their brain to snatch the winning. The history tells that such players had been successful and used to be called as skilled or experienced players of the games of the gambling. What they had been doing is now confirmed by the scientific theory of probability which tells that within every chance events there is a pattern. If you follow the games closely you will find that there are some numbers which are not appearing at all in any set of games. These numbers are called the non-performing numbers. You need not to wager these numbers thereby increasing your probability of winning. However in order to influence the หวยเด็ด results in such way you have to patiently and critically observe and record all the observations diligently to search out the weak numbers.


Say you are finding by observing the results of 36 games that the number 34 is not appearing in any winning. Hold on and look for it for the 36 games more. If you find that the number is not appearing in any game then you can rest assure that the number belongs to the weak numbers for the set of games?

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